In the beginning

I have always enjoyed running.  When I was a little girl I would run with a soccer ball underneath my feet.  As I got older I realized I could drop the soccer ball and just run.  I remember being injured during a soccer practice in high school and my coach telling me to go run.  So I did…for two hours around the soccer field.  Even though it was grass and not true woods and single track trail, that was the beginning of my transformation into what I would later call myself(18 years but who is counting) a trail runner.

I was introduced to trail running and mountain biking at the same time, but to this day I still consider myself a trail runner first.  One of my greatest friends, David introduced me to all of this trail stuff.  I still remember my first run at the Cannonsburg Ski Area.  After huffing and puffing with my head about to launch off my body from overheating he says to me, “So do you like trail running?” I paused for a few moments to allow the oxygen to come back into my brain and I said, “I LOVE IT!! and I want to do it again!”  Immediately after the run I went home and passed out on the floor.  Thus began my love for trail running, mountain biking, and adventure racing.  There is nothing better than being in the woods doing what you love.

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