Chili Cook-off

Hi Chili Cookers!

If you are interested in making chili for the Yankee Springs Winter Challenge please read the information below.

1) Each chili cook-off participant will make 20 servings. If you want to make more that’s fine just let me know as I am supplementing chili so that we have enough for all our participants!

2) Each participant will receive 20% off any of our future Switchback Endurance race events.

3) Please bring your own crock pot. You can store the extra chili you make in a Tupperware and our kitchen crew will take care of refilling it. Please label any of your Tupperware containers with your name and chili please, you know how confusing it will be!

4) If you have any extras to go with your chili let us know and make sure it is labeled so it ends up by your chili! I will provide crackers, sour cream, and shredded cheese, but feel free to bring whatever you want.

5) If you need to leave before 2pm in the afternoon, let us know so we have extra crock pots on hand.

6) On race morning bring your chili along with a list of ingredients and name of chili (On a sheet of paper to be displayed) to the kitchen. They will take care of it from there!

7) I have randomly picked 5 10k racers to test each chili. They will collaboratively vote for the overall best chili as well as a few fun categories such as “Better than your Grandma’s Chili,” “You can’t find this in a can Chili,” “I could eat this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner chili.”

8) The overall winner will receive a free entry to the 2020 Winter challenge! There will also be special category winners and prizes as well.

9) If after reading all of this you are interested in making chili, please sign up here. to enter or if you have any questions. Thank You!

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