Running Through the Four Seasons

I love the four seasons! I love the way the weather and the whole appearance of the world change with the seasons. It keeps life interesting, and it keeps running interesting as the nature of the sport changes with each season.

In the heat of the summer I enjoy the feeling of sweat rolling down my face. I enjoy sweating and drinking lots of Gatorade. I embrace the challenge of keeping my energy level up as the sun beats down on me. Perhaps the best part of summer running is sitting in the creek and drinking a beer to cool off after a run.

If I ever get burned out from a long hot summer, the cooler temperatures of fall cause me to fall in love with running all over again. I can wear the same light shirts and shorts I’ve been wearing all summer and feel comfortable. Along with the refreshing temperatures, the beautiful display of colors make fall the most pleasant time of year to run.

Winter running was a struggle at first, but it has grown on me every year.  I feel most alive when I’m staying warm by generating my own heat on a cold day.  With the leaves off the trees and snow on the ground I enjoy the clear view of all the hills and valleys, and there is nothing more peaceful than watching big snow flakes fall against a background of evergreen trees. As for getting a good workout, running in snow builds strength and stamina even as one runs fewer miles, and I’ve come to believe that running on ice improves form and balance.

When spring comes I find how much stronger I’ve become over the winter. As I find myself on dry ground again and dressing lighter, running suddenly gets a lot easier.  I do some of my best running in the spring.

I have always enjoyed living in a place where there are the four distinct seasons, and running has helped me appreciate the seasons all the more!

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