Severe weather policy

In the winter of 2013-14 we realized that severe weather could possibly prevent us from putting on the race as planned. We made it happen, thanks to an army of volunteers who helped clean up the trail following the ice storm, but it forced us to think about what would happen if we couldn’t go ahead with the race as planned. Here is the list of alternatives in order of preference:

Plan A: Our first choice is always to do everything in our power to make the race happen according to plan.

Plan B: Plan B would be to go ahead with the race on the scheduled date with a modified course, a change of start time, or some other minor change.

Plan C: Plan C would be to postpone the race to a different date. We would reschedule the race on a weekend as close as possible to the original date.

Plan D: As a last resort, if we cannot make the race happen on the original date or reschedule it we would refund race fees minus a $5.00 administration fee to cover expenses that we can’t get refunded.

Please make sure to give us a good email address when you register, since we use email to inform you of important race updates.

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