Why I prefer trail running

Six years ago I started running on roads and discovered trail running a little over a year later. I still enjoy both, but I have really come to love trail running.

Running on trails, I get to experience all the natural beauty of the outdoors. Running for me is not just a physical discipline, but a way of enjoying the outdoors. I see running in the same category as hiking, climbing, camping, hunting, fishing, and so on. My favorite way to get away for a weekend is to camp at a park like Yankee Springs, Waterloo, or Pinckney, and spend a day or two running the trails.

Besides the beautiful places a trail runner gets to run in, trail running also has physical advantages. Since dirt is softer than pavement, there’s less impact in trail running. Also because the ground is uneven, the foot comes down differently with each step, so a trail runner uses a wider range of muscles and is less prone to repetitive motion injuries. In fact, trail running is a better workout, because a runner uses more different muscles, including the core, to stabilize himself on the rough terrain.

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