course description and maps

There will be a 10k loop and a 25k loop.

50k runners will run the 25k loop twice.

50 mile runners will run a 5k loop, and then do the 25k loop 3 times.

The trails at Yankee Springs are quite hilly and have their share of rocks and roots to dance around. We do not know what Michigan weather will bring. There will probably be snow. You don’t have to worry about a lot of mud because these trails are quite sandy and drain well. There are no water crossings on our courses.

Note that there is a slight course change from previous years. Due to a small change in the routing of the Mountain Bike Trail our course will go through the Deep Lake Aid Station at about 4 miles, do a 2 mile loop, and return to the Deep Lake Aid Station. We’re eliminating the first aid station from the previous years’ course, and instead you will go through the Deep Lake Aid Station twice.

Depending on the weather there may be a variation on the course. If the snow conditions are good for cross country skiing, the DNR asks us not to use the Hall Lake Trail, which is groomed for skiers. In that case we use a section of dirt road at the beginning of the course instead of the Hall Lake Trail. In any case, the course will be marked accordingly, and we’ll announce the change before the race.

Click here for a pdf copy of the winter course map.

Click here for a Garmin map and elevation profile of the 25k course, courtesy of our friend Scott VanLoo.

Click here if you prefer Strava.

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